Evey Co. is found by a young couple, Jason and Sydney. Like most of the parents who always looking for the best option for their children. Evey Co. is name thought out after their first daughter, Evey, who is a first grade student by now. After the birth to Evey and her baby sister, Zoe, Jason and Sydney were living in the United States at the time. They began on a journey to search for their ideal baby supplies. After several months of research, they were impressed by the analysis on these U.S. and European made/design merchandises. The ranged of quality and user friendly multi functions were very different than what they seem in Taiwan. Years go by, whenever their friends ask for their recommendation regarding to baby supplies for their children, they realize there're still lots of desirable baby & children supplies that weren't available in Taiwan. Realizing the increasing demand, Jason and Sydney decide to open a new channel for worldwide suppliers, the goal of Evey Co. is to provide trendy, practical and highly functional baby supplies from all over the world.

The first product of Evey Co. will be featured in spring of 2013.
Every country has different cultures, life styles and geographical conditions. Some functions and usage from some major baby supply brand might not fit the criteria of Taiwanese parents. The main purpose of Evey Co. is to showcase baby supplies which are designated for the parents and children in Taiwan. We will go beyond internal assessment analysis and randomly select few families to experience the actual product. Every feedback and evaluation will be greatly considered.
Innovation and design
Back then, people always say the idea of aesthetic and practical function never appears in one single product. However, due to the progress of today technology and innovational design idea. Innovation, aesthetic and practical have become the three major principles for product design and development. Evey Co. will travel around the world, gather the newest updated information and introduce the latest, highly innovational and modern fashion baby supplies to Taiwan.
Safety is the main criteria for Evey Co. All the baby supplies that sold at Evey Co. will be tested through lines of quality inspection. Evey item will be needed to past the examination and more importantly they will provide legal certification to ensure the quality of our product.